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Mitosis by katdesignstudio

Very nicely done - The thick borders and nested details they surround give the definition to the fractal, although it isn't a very orig...

They Shall Mount Up on Wings Like Eagles by JahPickney

Beautiful! I love the subliminal patterns in this piece. The only unfortunate thing here is that the strong colors are suffering from a...

Signature by mutequacky

I say low originality, but that's only because the same shape was used everywhere. I find, however, that this is one of the few fractal...


Most people in the DeviantArt fractal community, if not all, are probably familiar with Apophysis and Mandelbulb3D, among others. But have you ever heard of Mandel 5.3? What about Saturn and Titan? or Fractron? While admittedly, many little software never make it beyond the beta stage (if they even DO make it), one in awhile you find a gem. Today, I found myself exploring the fractal forums cross-platform software section (which is old, yes):…

I think alot of software gets overlooked because its potential isn't obvious, but one software I found that I'm sure I'll like is Fractor3. Fractor3 is created by DeviantArt's own :TheShenR:, who has a small gallery, but it is definitely revealing, at least in my opinion, about the capabilities of the little program.

For example, you might think the following was from UltraFractal:
Silk spiral by TheShenR
Not bad, right? It was made with Fractor3.

Other samples that might be of interest hinting at the ability of this program:
Multi-brot by TheShenRRobot Factory by TheShenRBallSpace by TheShenR

Fractal forums information page link
Direct download link
(includes launchers for Windows and Linux in the .zip)

And, of course, I had to toy with it as well.
Experiment001 by ABlipinTimeFractor3 experiment002 by ABlipinTimeBlue Recluse by ABlipinTime

To save you alittle time figuring out coloring:
Go to the menu panel and click Options->Filter manager. Click the Escape time filter. Set its color density to 100 and select the "Smooth (mandelbrot type)" checkbox.

I'm under the impression that the program needs a little more "love", or at least some attention. I'd like to see people try it out. Please post your results in the comments. Thanks!

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